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With an unwavering dedication to perfection, our latest collection “Timeless Artistry” celebrates the mesmerising details and decades of experience that go into each Calleija jewel. Every piece is the epitome of elegance, love and the beauty of nature. Just as sunsets transcend time, these creations capture the essence of everlasting allure. We pay special tribute to the incredible Argyle Diamond Mine showcasing four breathtakingly rare and historically significant Red Argyle Diamonds™, including the very last one carat Fancy Red Argyle Signature Tender Diamond™ to come from the mine. At Calleija, we are as dedicated to design excellence, as we are to our expert craftsmanship. With boutiques in Sydney, the Gold Coast and London, we take great care in breathing life into these timeless wearable treasures, whilst treating them with the utmost reverence and respect. Each piece will be celebrated and cherished for generations to come.

Now, as the sun has set on the world-renowned Argyle Diamond Mine, owning one of these exquisite pieces has become rarer and they are more collectable than ever before.

We invite you to marvel at these rare diamonds that have laid beneath the ancient earth’s embrace, meticulously formed over 1.5 billion years, each hue and facet capturing nature’s timeless artistry.

John Calleija

Fancy Red Argyle Diamonds™, are the pinnacle of rarity and beyond compare. Totalling 1.44ct this exquisite, matched pair of striking Red Diamonds transcend into a realm of elegance and breathtaking beauty. The Argyle Bohème™ Suite is a once-in-a-lifetime collection of three of the world’s rarest jewels showcased by Calleija craftsmanship. A truly remarkable natural beauty with a profound presence. Argyle Bohème Suite ™

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Argyle Bohème ™

As the last ever one carat Red Diamond from the final Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender™, Argyle Bohème™ is one of the rarest and most coveted diamonds in the world. Her Fancy Red colour is not only hypnotising but also incomparable. Argyle Bohème™ is one of just thirteen GIA graded Fancy Red Diamonds over one carat ever sold in the history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender™. With the Argyle Diamond Mine now closed her beauty will never be repeated. The stunning design of Argyle Bohème™ pays homage to the life of the Argyle Mine in its extraordinary and unique nature, reflecting on the many sunrises and sunsets the mine has seen in its lifetime of production. The Argyle Mine has yielded some of the most exquisite, collectable, and rare Fancy Coloured Diamonds in the world. This could not be more accurately personified by the use of Argyle Bohème™ as the centre jewel in this sparkling creation, which can be worn as both a necklace and a ring. The ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ motifs in the design are mirrored, acting as both an aesthetic and conceptual metaphor - ‘reflecting’ on Argyle and its time in the sun.

The versatile and inimitable design allows Argyle Bohème™ to complement any style her wearer prefers. It also illustrates the exceptional creativity and talented craftsmanship of the Calleija artisans.

Crafted for a discerning collector, Argyle Bohème’s™ rarity is magnified by the incredible pair of Red Argyle Tender Diamonds™ that adorn her matching earrings.

Viewing the Argyle Bohème™ Suite’s undeniable beauty in person is witnessing one of nature’s rarest marvels — an experience that can never be repeated and one that Calleija was honoured to be part of creating.

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Argyle Pink Diamonds ™

Calleija has been honoured as one of only two Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon Partners™ in the world, entrusted with crafting celebrated masterpieces that pay homage to the extraordinary heritage and rare allure of Argyle Pink Diamonds™. This unique partnership empowers Calleija to collaborate directly with Argyle Pink Diamonds™ in the creation of revered works of art, utilising the final diamonds produced by the world-renowned Argyle Mine in Western Australia. This appointment stands as a testament to Calleija’s award-winning craftsmanship and long-standing devotion to Argyle Pink Diamonds™. Over 90% of the world’s supply of Pink Diamonds was produced at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, yet only 0.1% of the mine’s production was pink. With the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine in late 2020 the opportunity to possess an Argyle Pink Diamond™ has become rarer than ever before. Whether treasured by a discerning diamond collector or gifted as a symbol of love, to possess an Argyle Pink Diamond™ is to own a piece of Australian history. It is our great pleasure to extend to you an invitation to explore the captivating splendour of these diamonds and mark your unforgettable moments with your very own Argyle Pink Diamond™.


Epitomising Calleija’s talent for unique and innovative design, Kershawi is a Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold masterpiece that features an astonishingly rare and highly collectable Argyle Pink Signature Tender Diamond™. Kershawi’s name is in honour of her design inspiration, the mesmerising and delicate Australian Painted Lady Butterfly. Graded Fancy Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America, the 0.57ct marquise-shaped Argyle Pink Tender Diamond™ emulates the beauty and elegance of nature’s gifts. To further enhance this masterpiece, Kershawi consists of three rings, one central solitaire ring and two removable diamond jacket rings. This creative versatility illustrates Calleija’s talent for inimitable artistry and whether worn alone or with her White and Argyle Pink Diamond™ jackets, Kershawi is extraordinarily beautiful.

Designed with immense adoration, Kershawi is a masterpiece that encapsulates the profound beauty of nature’s creations. A wearable testament to love, artistry and individuality.

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Carmesi, an embodiment of timeless beauty, is one of only thirty-five Fancy Red Diamonds ever offered in the history of the Argyle Diamonds Signature Tender™. Crafted in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold, this masterpiece showcases an exquisite 0.31ct oval Red Argyle Tender Diamond™ a rare gem of profound historical significance. Carmesi is a celebration of rarity and unparalleled beauty. Carmesi

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At her heart shines a 0.14ct 4PP natural Argyle Pink Diamond™, surrounded by delicate Pink and White Diamonds. Set in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold, exuding modernity and strength, the Thalia ring is not merely a piece of jewellery; it is a celebration of elegance, rarity, and natural beauty. Thalia

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Carina is crafted in Platinum and carefully adorned with Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and White Diamonds totalling 21.27ct. Reminiscent of a constellation of stars in the sky, Carina is a remarkable necklace illustrating exceptional Calleija artistry and craftsmanship. Carina

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Georgetta is an Art Deco-inspired Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold ring showcasing Calleija’s artistry. At her centre, she features a stunning 0.13ct 5PP Argyle Pink Diamond™ surrounded by three hexagon-shaped halos with rare Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and White Diamonds. A true statement for the modern woman who epitomises style and individuality. Georgetta

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Rare Argyle Pink Diamonds™ take centre stage in these classic and versatile Brielle earrings. Designed to be worn with or without their jackets the Argyle Pink Diamond™ studs are the perfect size. Add your diamond jacket and you have a completely different look for that special occasion. Brielle

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Estrid delights with her splendid craftsmanship and the dazzling prominence of her centrepiece, a rare 0.37ct 6P cushion-shaped Australian Argyle Pink Diamond™. Crafted with 18ct White and Rose Gold details, Estrid is adorned with Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and scintillating White Diamonds, making her a timeless beauty. Estrid

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Make a statement with the incredible Vian Diamond necklace crafted with one hundred and ninety-three rare Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and 10.91ct of sparkling round brilliant cut White Diamonds. Shimmering with your every move, this necklace is the ultimate in grandeur, where luxury meets design. Vian

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Evelina is undeniably exquisite - featuring a brilliant 2.03ct oval-shaped White Diamond at her centre. To further elevate Evelina’s beauty, she is kissed by two incredibly rare oval-shaped Argyle Pink Diamonds™ totalling 0.14ct. Handcrafted in Platinum, and designed to honour endless love, Evelina is an unmistakable beauty. Evelina

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Inspired by the Art Deco era, Luisella is a contemporary spin on the classic trilogy ring. Handcrafted in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold, she features an exquisite 1.00ct oval-shaped diamond at her heart. Complemented by a stunning matched pair of oval-shaped 5PP Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Luisella is a salutation to rare, natural beauty and craftsmanship. Luisella

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Evoking timeless elegance, the striking symmetry of Cora enhances the extravagant beauty of her rare 0.35ct Fancy Intense Argyle Pink Diamond™. A unique combination of White Diamonds and Argyle Pink Diamonds™ crafted in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold, Cora is the perfect ring to celebrate your most special and memorable occasions. Cora

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Featuring a stunning Argyle Pink Diamond™ in her centre, surrounded by sparkling White Diamonds, the Sidra collection is a vision of exquisite elegance including a matching pendant, earrings and ring. Her 18ct Rose Gold details and unique starry design showcase the unmistakable artistry for which Calleija has come to be known. Sidra

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Elegant and powerful, Catharina features a gleaming central 5.01ct radiant cut White Diamond surrounded by scintillating round brilliant cut White Diamonds and exquisite Argyle Pink Diamonds™. Crafted in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold Catharina is an exceptional celestial beauty embodying style and grace. Catharina

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This sophisticated design is reminiscent of her uniquely French moniker. Refined and elegant, yet wonderfully decorative, Angelique features a gleaming central 2.00ct cushion shaped Diamond surrounded by a halo of Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and White Diamonds creating a modern interpretation on the classic halo design. Angelique Handcrafted in Platinum and Rose Gold, Chantelle features an exquisite 1.01ct round brilliant cut White Diamond at her heart and two rare Argyle Pink Diamonds™ set on either side. Adorned with fifteen mesmerising White Diamonds totalling 0.34ct, Chantelle is a true diamond lover’s dream. Chantelle

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Angelique Refined and elegant, yet wonderfully decorative, this sophisticated design is reminiscent of her uniquely French moniker. Angelique features a gleaming central 2.00ct cushion-shaped diamond, surrounded by a halo of Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and White Diamonds. Angelique creates a modern interpretation of the classic halo design.

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Positive Luxury

Calleija is immensely honoured to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark certification by Positive Luxury. The Butterfly Mark is the only international trust mark that recognises luxury brands for their commitment to creating a positive impact on people and the planet. Positive Luxury is hailed as one of the leading sustainability platforms in the world by Vogue, Forbes and more. When a luxury brand meets Positive Luxury’s stringent criteria for governance, social framework, environmental framework, philanthropy and innovation, they are awarded the coveted Butterfly Mark.

As Calleija recognises the limits and fragility of the world’s natural resources we are dedicated to creating exquisite and bespoke jewellery in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

All Calleija jewellery is ethically sourced and we work exclusively with conflict-free diamonds and suppliers that subscribe to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and No Dirty Gold Alliance. By using Argyle Pink, Red and Blue Diamonds in our creations, we can trace these diamonds back to the mine of their origin. Calleija only supports long-term suppliers that uphold a vigilant code of sustainable practices. By meeting the highest standards of verified innovation and environmental performance set out by Positive Luxury, Calleija takes great pride in being one of the few Australian jewellers, with boutiques in London, Sydney and the Gold Coast, Australia, who are leading the way in sustainable luxury and are committed to strengthening our practices every day.

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Exquisitely crafted, the Aloisia Platinum diamond tennis bracelet is a radiant masterpiece, adorned with a breathtaking 7.35cts of princess cut diamonds embraced by the shimmering brilliance of round White Diamonds totalling 1.96ct. Aloisia’s captivating allure makes her a treasured beauty. Aloisia

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Mirabella is a symbol of true love and wonder. Set in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold this exquisite 4.60ct square emerald cut White Diamond ring, featuring two tapered baguette White Diamonds, embodies John Calleija’s attention to detail and devotion to perfection. Mirabella

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A mesmerising and opulent Platinum and 18ct White Gold bracelet, Lovestruck is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. This exquisite piece is a true testament to artistry and craftsmanship. Adorned with a stunning array of four hundred and sixty-eight marquise-shaped White Diamonds, totalling 24.63ct. Lovestruck

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Stunning for day or night, our Willow diamond drop earrings feature two round brilliant cut White Diamond studs totalling 2.01ct. Whether worn as classic studs or with their detachable Willow design drops, adorned with one hundred and sixty-six scintillating White Diamonds, their unique shape adds a distinctive edge to any style. Willow

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Celebrate life’s most cherished moments with the elegance and sophistication of Nalda, a handcrafted Platinum pendant featuring a magnificent 2.01ct round brilliant cut White Diamond. Her timeless design is crafted with meticulous precision, making her a beautiful gift to celebrate your everlasting love. Nalda

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The sweeping paths of this captivating ring reflect the journey of life and the paths we choose to take. Personalised with your own selection of unique gems and intricately crafted in Platinum, 18ct White, Yellow or Rose Gold to celebrate the treasured moments in your life, the Journey Ring is as individual as you. Journey

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With a unique design inspired by the classic Art Deco era, the Oruvan ring is a spectacular demonstration of Calleija’s enduring dedication to mesmerising details and inimitable design. Adorned with stunning White Diamonds, Oruvan is the perfect statement ring to celebrate your individuality. Oruvan

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A Fancy Intense Yellow 0.13ct radiant cut diamond showcases beauty and reverence in the Solana ring. Surrounded by a dazzling halo of Fancy Yellow Diamonds and another outer halo of brilliant White Diamonds, Solana radiates with the intensity of the sun from every angle, mesmerising all who witness her allure. Solana

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The Zelda Art Deco-inspired 18ct Yellow and White Gold Diamond set detachable drop earrings make a beautiful statement of sophisticated glamour. With mesmerising detail and bold design, these stunning earrings feature a total of 2.26ct of scintillating White Diamonds making Zelda a now-and-forever piece. Zelda

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John Calleija’s uncompromising dedication to innovation, exquisite design and remarkable craftsmanship has culminated in Calleija’s exclusive cut, the Glacier®.

Embodying John’s attention to detail and devotion to absolute perfection, the Glacier® is inspired by the traditional cushion cut diamond. Taking the very finest “facets” of all cushion cuts and elevating them to heights of brilliance, each Calleija Glacier® Diamond is a result of years of dedication. Perfecting a cut that embodies a diamond’s brilliance and femininity, has resulted in an amazing, perfect and incredibly brilliant diamond – the Glacier®. A diamond that is synonymous with brilliance, elegance and femininity, Glacier® is exclusive to Calleija with each diamond numbered and laser inscribed. An innovation in style and glamour your Glacier® Diamond can also be delicately engraved with a personalised message for your loved one to cherish forever.

Celebrate the most treasured moments in life with a unique and captivating masterpiece of incredible Calleija artistry.

The Glacier® Diamond - exclusive to Calleija.

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Precious, polished, pure. Perfect for that romantic moment. Emirelle is a Glacier® cut 5.01ct White Diamond engagement ring featuring two half-moon cut diamonds totalling 0.92ct. To add to this incredibly special ring, a rare Argyle Pink Diamond™ is hidden beneath the setting, designed to be a secret gift for the wearer alone. Emirelle

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These exquisite Sena earrings are perfect for everyday elegance, featuring two round brilliant cut White Diamonds totalling an incredible 4.02ct. Handcrafted in Platinum, with signature Calleija detailing, you will illuminate every room you enter with these classic White Diamond stud earrings. Sena

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Embodying the essence of versatility are these stunning lozenge-shaped diamond studs, with a detachable diamond halo which can be added to seamlessly transition your look from day to night. Elevate your style with layering and add a touch of sophistication to everyday wear, with these uniquely shaped White Gold pendants, making a subtle yet lasting impression. Versatility

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A meticulously handcrafted 18ct White Gold Diamond drop pendant featuring a 0.52ct briolette diamond, captures and reflects light with an enchanting allure from every perspective. This exquisite piece showcases three Yellow Argyle Diamonds™ and six rare Blue Argyle Diamonds™, surrounded by a stunning array of White Diamonds. Ayla

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Proposing is a cherished moment, to be remembered forever. An engagement ring is a timeless symbol of your love and the beginning of a beautiful journey that will last a lifetime. From imagination to reality, every Calleija engagement ring is designed with meticulous detail and consideration of its lifetime significance. Combining traditional and modern techniques allows Calleija to create beautiful rings to celebrate your love forever. Inspired to honour the past and pay tribute to Australia’s natural beauty, Calleija artists designed each new engagement ring with a secret Argyle Pink Diamond™ - one of the rarest diamonds in the world. This hidden treasure is found under the setting and is a signature of Calleija’s artistry. Crafted to be cherished forever, each Calleija ring is a timeless masterpiece. As the Argyle Diamond Mine is now closed, your Argyle Pink Diamond™ is now rarer than ever before. Available in Platinum, 18ct Yellow, White or Rose Gold, each Calleija engagement ring can be customised to have its centre White Diamond set in a variety of sizes. Whether you prefer delicate elegance or bold brilliance for your centre diamond, your Calleija engagement ring can be designed and crafted to your preferred price range.

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Discover the beauty of Lealla, part of Calleija’s new engagement collection. A signature of Calleija artistry, the Lealla engagement ring features a secret Australian Argyle Pink Diamond™. This hidden gift of rare Australian beauty is found beneath the setting of each ring and is designed to be a special gift for her wearer alone. Lealla

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Inspired by stained glass windows from the Art Deco period, the captivating Genevieve 18ct White Gold Diamond set drop earrings make a beautiful statement of elegance and fine art. Her true uniqueness lies in intricate design details featuring two hundred and thirty-six sparkling round brilliant cut White Diamonds totalling 1.82ct. Genevieve

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The Zara Tindall Collection by Calleija epitomises the modern woman with its bold and formidable silhouettes met with effortlessly elegant design.

A chance meeting several years ago between Zara Tindall and John Calleija gave rise to what is now a contemporary, timeless and feminine jewellery collection by Calleija.

Zara Tindall’s passion for eventing, deeply ingrained in her life, serves as a profound source of inspiration for the Saddle Suite. Zara’s inspiration, combined with Calleija’s artisan skills, reflect an undeniable reverence and attention to detail in each piece. The Coronet Suite resulted from a shared vision and proudly showcases confident glamour. Designed with soft curves and contours, forged in 18ct Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. Each piece is set with the most spectacular array of sparkling diamonds. Both of these collections consist of rings, pendants, earrings and bangles, all designed for the modern woman. Each piece is carefully crafted to be actively worn every day, but effortlessly and elegantly transcends into evening wear.

This collection embodies the refined yet understated grace of Zara Tindall MBE, and the incomparable skill of Master Jeweller, John Calleija.

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Suprema represents Zara’s love of eventing and illustrates Calleija’s talent for creating beautifully shaped jewellery. The elegant detailed design of the Suprema Saddle Ring sparkles with twenty-seven Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and forty-seven White Diamonds, a true testament to her everlasting allure. Suprema

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Crafted in 18ct White and Rose Gold, the Gemini drop earrings dazzle with a magnificent 7.51ct Tanzanite and a mesmerising 8.84ct Madagascan Rubellite. Adorned with Pink Sapphires, Tanzanites and scintillating White Diamonds, this unique creation exudes boldness and individuality. Gemini

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Theia is the epitome of distinctive style and design for which Calleija is renowned. Her Platinum and 18ct Yellow Gold setting features a stunning 2.74ct oval cut Aquamarine with a halo of sparkling White Diamonds. Her majestic design and bold colour make Theia the ultimate statement piece sure to enchant all who meet her. Theia

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Fascinating and delicate, the Avisa earrings feature a total of 33.56ct cabochon pear-shaped Aquamarines adorned with twenty-four brilliant White Diamonds. Designed to turn heads and make you feel incredible whenever you wear them. A true statement for the modern woman who epitomises style and individuality. Avisa

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At the heart of Varuna is an 11.79ct cabochon Aquamarine, making a bold statement of colour. Kissed with a halo of White Diamonds and Blue Sapphires her mesmerising details are the perfect expression of refined luxury. This striking dress ring is the perfect way to celebrate your unique style. Varuna

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The Zulimar Aquamarine jewel speaks of the calmest seas, glistening in the sunshine. Her alluring Sapphires and Tsavorite Garnets sparkle amidst a selection of round brilliant cut and marquise-shaped White Diamonds. Zulimar is a statement ring of soothing and hypnotising wonder. Zulimar

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Raisa, meaning “rose”, was designed as a tribute to the flower’s timeless elegance and the diverse facets of femininity. With a captivating display of soft pink hues, the impressive cabochon Morganite is breathtaking. Raisa is uniquely crafted with a mesmeric pattern of sparkling White Diamonds, Pink Sapphires and Champagne Diamonds. Raisa

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Elegantly feminine and strikingly bold, Cordelia is an 18ct White Gold geometric style ring featuring a unique hexagon-shaped 3.85ct Pink Tourmaline nestled between square carre cut White Diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.83ct. Make a statement with Cordelia’s alluring and daring design. Cordelia

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Rosalie Incredible natural beauty, Rosalie radiates with a 5.43ct oval Pink Tourmaline surrounded by sparkling marquise-shaped and brilliant cut diamonds. Set in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold, the Rosalie dual ring, an intriguing masterpiece designed to turn heads and showcase your unique style, featuring hidden Argyle Pink Diamonds™.

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Set ablaze by her captivating 1.66ct Madagascan Ruby combined with twenty-two Yellow Diamonds totalling 0.37ct and thirty-nine brilliant White Diamonds totalling 0.34ct, Nylah is eye-catching. A unique design married with detailed craftsmanship elevates this bold yet sophisticated jewel. Nylah

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Celandine showcases a mesmerising 4.34ct oval-shaped Yellow Sapphire. Her Platinum petals are embellished with Yellow and White Diamonds shimmering like the morning dew. The undersides, illuminated by diamonds, mimic the gentle dance of sunlight on petals. Celandine is a luminous creation that radiates beauty from every angle. Celandine

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With their brightly coloured blossom-like design, the Zinnia earrings are absolute show-stoppers. The 18ct Rose Gold version showcases ten Rhodolite Garnets totalling 4.02ct and four hundred and forty-eight sparkling White Diamonds totalling 3.65ct. The 18ct Yellow Gold Zinnia earrings feature four hundred and fifty-eight Yellow Sapphires totalling 9.55ct. Zinnia

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International Award-Winning Bespoke Designers GST and VAT free for Overseas Travellers with Secure National and International Delivery Unique Diamond Upgrade Promise* with Two Year Lay-by Available** 30 day Refund Policy - excludes custom orders Lifetime Warranty on all Calleija-made Pieces with Lifetime Complimentary Clean and Check Expert Repair and Restoration Service, Insurance Quotes and Redesign Service Available



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*The ‘No Loss’ Diamond Upgrade Policy only applies to diamond jewellery purchased from Calleija with a minimum carat weight of 0.25ct per diamond. The diamond must be in perfect condition and must be approved by our gemmologist for authenticity. The new purchase must be at least 50% greater in value than the piece being traded in. The full purchase price paid for the original will be deducted from the price of the new piece. **A payment option which enables you to secure your desired Calleija creation by making regular scheduled payments for up to a two year period. All jewellery, items, concepts and designs (materials) shown herein are the intellectual property of Calleija Investments (Qld) Pty Ltd ABN 34 375002 265, and are subject to copyright, design and trademark protection. Any unauthorised copying of Calleija materials is expressly prohibited and shall result in an action for infringement and/or claim for damages against the offending jeweller or insurance company for a breach of the Copyright Act 1968 No. 63 of 1968, Trademarks Act 1995, Act No. 119 of 1995, Trade Practices Act, Act No. 51 of 1974. Any unauthorised use of this brochure including offering to copy any item or represent that you are authorised to sell, reproduce or otherwise copy the jewellery, designs or material is a false misrepresentation and shall be prosecuted. Glacier® is the registered trademark of Calleija Investments (Qld) Pty Ltd ABN 34 375 002 265. WARNING: All materials in this publication are Copyright 2023 Calleija Investments (Qld) Pty Ltd ABN 34 375 002 265. Each Calleija creation is unique and crafted with natural gemstones therefore colours may vary from the images shown. Designs covered by Australian and International Copyright Laws. Prices are subject to change. The information contained in this publication is subject to change at any time without notice. While all care has been taken in creating this publication, information could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, or could be otherwise inaccurate, incomplete or not current.


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